Job vs Business, which one is better?


Job vs. Business, which one is better?

Choosing a job or starting your own business for your livelihood is completely someone’s own decision. But comparing job vs business and finding out which one is better, is one of the toughest questions ever. The answer highly depends from person to person and varies per individual, their personality, preferences, and skills. Job and business both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are wondering which one is a better career option for you, you are on the right platform.

Advantages and disadvantages between job vs. business

1. Income

When you have a job, you don’t have to worry about money as having a job ensures that you will get a fixed salary on a monthly basis, without worrying about the company’s profit and loss. This is constant and will always be.

You will also be able to experience other benefits of a job like getting insurance, PF, incentives, bonuses, etc.

While in business your hard work pays you. Your income solely depends on the amount of effort you put into the work. It is your hard work that pays you, not your boss. The more you work the more you earn.


2.Working Hours

In a job, you only have to work for fixed hours. And that’s a good thing about having a job. Other than the job hours, you get a few hours to enjoy your activities too. Also, you can earn overtime if you are spending more time on your work. On another side, you always have to take permission from your manager to leave and give explanations.

Owning a business helps you to schedule your time at your convenience. In times of need, you may need to work more and dedicate yourself to work. You may end up working the whole day because that would be required at certain times and on the other hand, you can delegate responsibility to your employees and get plenty of time for yourself and your family.

3. Qualifications

 To get a specific job, you need to earn the basic qualifications required for that.

Your degree, experience,

and skills help you to get the perfect job. Owning a business does not require any specific qualifications.

Your experience or knowledge in any specific field may help you to start it. Else you can also take the advice of business consultants or experts in that particular area. Now the internet is also a better platform to acquire knowledge.

4. Other perks:

Job offers a fixed salary with opportunities like vacations, paid holidays, business tours, and other

incentives like pensions if you are in a government job depending on the quality of your work. Employees get a lot of various facilities like house rent, fuel charges, TA/DA, mobile expenses, vehicle, insurance, etc.

But in Business, you have to spend from your pocket for everything. You have to keep your employees happy as well have to think about their future. It is said that good employees are the pillar of every successful business empire.

5. Investment & losses

Investment ll always be a major factor while comparing job vs. business. If you choose a job as your career option, then the investment is much lesser than the business. You need to invest in your education, time & skills. If you did it properly then it’s completely risk-free & reliable.  You can earn from the very beginning without avoiding the profit and loss of an organization.

But business is a risky task. You will encounter inevitable challenges. There is a risk of losing everything if your plan doesn’t work properly. You have to spend a certain amount before starting any business. The risk is only yours. But the profit depends on your hard work, your employees, your strategy, and the demand for your product in the market. Sometimes you need a huge investment and sometimes earn a lot too.

6. Age Limit

Age limit is one of the disadvantages of having a job. You can only apply and work for a specific job & specific position as per some restricted age limit. If you exceed that standard age limit, you may not get a job, which can be stressful. Also, you have to retire at a particular time whether you want to work or not.

But in business you can work till you want as well you can play multiple roles in your business as per your age demands.

 7. Exposure

Another great thing about having a job is that you get opportunities to expand your views and evolve your mindset. You get exposure to a unique environment and diverse atmosphere, which helps you to learn and grow more. You learn new skills, and your insights overall broaden. Employees get to learn a lot of things through different roles; it doesn’t matter even if it’s the same department.

When you are into business, you get the chance to experience so many things at once. You get exposure to all aspects of one task, profit, loss, accounting, salary, motives, plans, etc. You are not just restricted to one thing, and that’s great.

 8. Boss is always right.

The Boss is always right. In a job you have to listen to your boss always, whether he is right or wrong. He


may scold or correct you at the time of mistakes or when you won’t achieve your target. You have to tolerate it all because if you oppose it, you’ll lose your job.

On the other hand in business, you are your own boss. You may repent for your mistakes but no one is there to scold you or catch your mistakes. You have to set your own target and work accordingly.


Now that we have discussed all the relevant aspects of Jobs vs Business, it is time to wrap up the discussion between business and jobs. The debate on which is a better option for someone? Can’t have an answer, both business & job are associated with a specific type of risk and benefits. It’s completely someone’s own decision whether he’ll go for a job or business as per his interest, requirement, knowledge & experience. But if you are not ready to take risks do not plan for any business.


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